Does anyone remember the iPod?

Most of don’t because the iPhone and iPad have become so popular that we forget how it all got started. The first generation of iPod went on sale this month in 2001. In total there were 6 generations of the iPod, ending the run when Apple stopped producing in 2014.

The combination of iPod and iTunes was revolutionary at the time, providing a solution for consumers and the music industry to buy and sell music. The wildly popular hardware/software combo, made it easy to listen to music. It’s success could be seen with so many people walking around with earbuds.

In 2006, Bobino was on the hunt for a follow up idea to the Original Phone Holder that has gone one to sell 10’s of millions of pieces. Our #2 product was the Bobino Cord Wrap.

The Bobino Cord Wrap was designed to solve the problem we often noticed and shared ourselves – tangled earbud cords. We went to work to design a solution. It took about a year, but when we launched in 2008, it quickly became our best selling product.

Still today, our Cord Wrap Small is a best seller and today is used by 10s of millions of people worldwide. AirPod’s and other wireless devices all have charger cords, so you still need a Bobino Cord Wrap Small;-)