Office Starter Kit


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This kit includes:

  • 1 Cord Wrap Large for your laptop cable
  • 1 Desk Cable Clip to organise your cables nicely behind your desk/table
  • 1 Cord Wrap Medium for your USB cable
  • 1 Bookmark Pen, flat and easy to find in your notebook
  • 1 Cord Wrap Small for your earbuds cable
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  • Cord Wrap Large

    Use Large for the longer computer cords, lamp cords and home appliances.

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Desk Cable Clip

    Keep cables handy on your desk

  • Cord Wrap Medium

    Meet our bestselling product!  Use Medium for all of the USB cables in your life!

  • Practical and Ingenious Bookmark Pen

    Bobino Bookmark Pen is 2 products in 1. It’s a good pen and a great bookmark!

    Practical and ingenious pen! Perfect companion if you are commuting or travelling.

    Out of stock

  • Cord Wrap Small

    Designed to easily shorten, lengthen and store earbud cables for next use

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This Office kit will make any place you work look like a Office place.

The kit contains the essential accessoires to work easily at home or any other place

Additional information

Cord Wrap Large


Charcoal, Cream, Petrol

Desk Cable Clip


Charcoal, Cream, Emerald, Slate

Cord Wrap Medium


Charcoal, Cream, Emerald, Slate

Practical and Ingenious Bookmark Pen


Charcoal, Petrol, Slate

Cord Wrap Small


Burgundy, Charcoal, Cream, Slate


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