Apartment Cord Wrap Bundle



We know how many cord or charging cables you must have in your house, car or office, and the challenge of keeping them organized.

Therefore we created the perfect bundle to keep your apartment organized.

Your Apartment Cord Wrap Bundle must at least contain:

  • 2 Small Cord Wraps: ideal for earbuds or small USB charging cables;
  • 5 Medium Cord Wraps: ideal for phone charging cables, camera cords,
  • 5 Large Cord Wraps: ideal for laptop cables, coffee machine, water boilers, hair dryers, etc.
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  • Cord Wrap Small × 2

    Designed to easily shorten, lengthen and store earbud cables for next use

  • Cord Wrap Medium × 5

    Meet our bestselling product!  Use Medium for all of the USB cables in your life!

  • Cord Wrap Large × 5

    Use Large for the longer computer cords, lamp cords and home appliances.

Additional information

Cord Wrap Small


Burgundy, Charcoal, Cream, Slate

Cord Wrap Medium


Charcoal, Cream, Emerald, Slate

Cord Wrap Large


Charcoal, Cream, Petrol


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