DesignProcess web

Each design tells a STORY. 

Each design started with a conversation about how to solve a common problem. 

How do we work? 

After identifying a problem we research all possible solutions. We think a lot about functionality and try to design the simplest shape that will perform the task and look nice. The final shape takes a lot of time and you can see that above.   

Slim Pen 

This was our 3rd product and the story behind this idea was different than our first two products. One of the founders used a notebook and was often missing a pen when he needed one. A normal pen doesn’t fit in a notebook, so he made his own ‘thin’ pen from cardboard, a refill and some Velcro. It worked, but it was ugly.  

When we were trying to decide what product #3 would be, it was an easy choice. We were fortunate to win a Red Dot Design Award for this product.